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A swimming pool is a great recreational addition to residential property. Building and maintaining them, however, takes a fair bit of work. Pools have to be constantly cleaned and routinely drained to keep the quality of water safe for human contact. Parts such as lights, filters and pumps also have to be maintained to make sure they’re in working condition. For most people, this is just too much work that requires a lot of time, as well as specialized knowledge. Hiring professional pool service providers makes a lot more sense than doing the wet work alone.

If you need professional pool cleaning, draining and maintenance in Frisco, Texas, look no further than Sterling Pool Service. We have the equipment, knowledge and experience that it takes to keep your pool clean and looking good. We specialize in maintenance, upgrade and sanitation work that guarantee you’ll have a good swim each and every time you take a dip.

Pool Maintenance and Cleaning

Sterling Pool Service goes beyond basic cleaning and maintenance work. We also ensure that the parts of your pool work harmoniously together. For instance, we see to it that you have just the right pump to circulate water without creating excessive pressure that can rupture pipes and damage filters. We also make sure drainages and gutters stay debris-free to allow water to flow safely and normally as you and your loved ones have fun.

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Call Sterling Pool Service today and learn more about how we can help you keep your pool in great form. We’re ready to answer your questions and address any concerns that you may have. You may also leave us a message via our Contact Us form. We’ll get back to you via email in the soonest possible time.

Learn About Frisco, Texas

Frisco is a city in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. It’s within both Collin and Denton counties and is relatively close to the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. It has a sizeable population of 140,220 according to the 2010 census. There are around 9,652 families in the city who occupy 12,065 households. Frisco has a total area of 62.4 square miles.

Frisco was founded by settlers who came to the area via the Shawnee Trail. The town’s original full name was Frisco City, derived from the St. Louis–San Francisco Railway which ran through the area. The name was later shortened to what it is now.

Today, Frisco is one of the most successful cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It has a robust economy with growing retail property investments. It has a complete range of public service facilities, educational institutions and government installations. It’s a popular suburban destination for families and young professionals alike.

Customer Reviews from Frisco
Lori from Frisco,texas ,
5 Stars
May 15th, 2014
From our first interaction with Terri to our service call with Kevin we knew we had found a great fit. Couldn't have been more pleasant to work with and got the job done! We have had them out for a number of issues over the years and always have been happy with the work done.
Completed Jobs from Frisco, TX
Quincy A.
October 26, 2016
Quincy called us because he has multiple leaks at his pool equipment. There's a leak at his pool pump and filter. Our owner went to evaluate the issues and had to replace a seal in the pool pump, replace the DE Filter bulkhead fitting, bulkhead O-ring, tank O-ring and performed a filter clean service. After this all the leaks were stopped and the pool ran as it should.
James B.
October 6, 2016
James called because he believes the pool pump is out. It turns on, he can see it spinning but there is no water movement in the pool. He thinks it maybe the impellor? Our technician went to look at it and had to install a new pool pump motor, seal, gasket, impellor, diffuser and motor mount plate. It's all working just fine now.
Estimate Request from Frisco, TX
Lori S. on May 15, 2014 9:10:07pm
Hey Terri we need to get the lights scheduled that we're on last bid. Just give me a call.