Swimming Pool Two Way Valves Parts and Services in in North-East Dallas, TX 

swimming pool two way valve manufactured by PentairEvery pool system makes used of a variety of machinery and parts in order to keep water flowing where it should. Whether it’s for a pump or a filter, or other water features, it is necessary to use the appropriate valves and fittings to ensure that everything functions as it should.

One of the most common types of valves is the diverter valve. As the name suggests, these are installed into a piping system to divert or control the flow of water from one part of the system to another. A two way valve controls water flow to or from one port, or in other words, it moves the water in one direction or another. It can be turned completely on for maximum water flow, completely off to shut down all supply to a part of the pool system, or somewhere in between for a more regulated flow.

The installation of pool plumbing and its valves is best performed by your professional pool equipment and maintenance company, Sterling Pool Service. Having provided top-quality services to homes in North-East Dallas since 1987, our team of licensed and highly-trained technicians can help you in making pool maintenance as hassle-free as possible with the help of proper valving and plumbing installations.

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