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Pool Filter Basics

Pool Filter Basics

A swimming pool is comprised of several components that keep the pool water in good condition. Each of the pool’s parts and equipment plays a major role and needs to be well-maintained to ensure that your swimming pool stays clean and experience stays pleasant.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on pool filters, which is an important piece of equipment that enhances a pool’s overall operation and quality.

The Role of the Pool Filter

The main function of the pool filter is to keep the pool water crystal clear. It captures large and small particles, and other impurities, that can cause water contamination or algae buildup.

It works by pulling water from the pool through the skimmer and the main drain then sending the pool water through a filtration system. The filtration system consists of several pre-filters and one main filter, which trap big leaves and particulate matter like dust and dirt. Then, the filtered water is pumped back into the pool and the process is repeated.

Types of Pool Filters

Types of Pool Filters

1. Sand Filters

The sand filter is the oldest type of pool filter you can find and it’s also the least expensive option. This type of filter uses sand to trap impurities when water is forced through it. However, sand filters can cause backwash and throw the pool’s pH level off balance. The sand filter also needs to be changed every five to eight years.

2. DE Filter

The DE (diatomaceous earth) filter works similarly to a sand filter, but it uses a filter media called “fingers” to trap micron levels of debris. The fingers are able to do this because they’re coated with a special powder made from crushed seashells and diatoms. However, the DE filter is the most expensive pool filter you can purchase. You also need to be extra careful when using the DE filter because the coating is carcinogenic.  

3. Cartridge Filter

The cartridge filter is the most popular pool filter for residential use. Its filter medium is replaceable and has a large surface volume to catch anything polluting your pool water. However, maintaining this type of filter is more challenging since the cartridges need to be removed and cleaned. It also has a higher initial cost so it might be out of your current budget.

Pool Filter Cleaning with Sterling Pool Service

Since the pool filter is responsible for removing filth from the water, it has a tendency to get clogged. A clogged pool filter is a major issue because if it’s left unchecked, the filters will have a hard time keeping the pool water clean. If the cleaning or repairs are delayed, the blockage can cause the pipes to burst – damaging the entire filtration system.

In this regard, it’s in your best interest to get regular pool cleaning from Sterling Pool Service to keep your pool equipment functional and your pool water clean. Our swimming pool experts can also upgrade your pool’s filtration system so it can operate efficiently and consume less energy when switched on.

If you need help with pool cleaning or equipment, contact Sterling Pool Service today. We’ve been providing excellent swimming pool services for more than 30 years and we are experts in pool cleaning, detecting leaks, and pool equipment repairs. We also offer pool renovations if you want to upgrade your swimming pool’s aesthetic.

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