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Dallas D
January 27, 2018
He found our company online and called because their pool cleaning company had reported their timer keeps cutting in & out. The owner went to inspect this issue. He found that they needed a new pool timer and freeze guard mechanism for the equipment and the pump motor had a bad capacitor. He replaced the capacitor and the timer/freeze guard but found a loose wire connecting the timer and motor that likely caused the shortages.
Frank H.
5312 Paladium, TX
January 22, 2018
A monthly service customer of ours for over ten years called to say he is noticing water loss beyond evaporation. He asked if his pool cleaner technician would look into this. We had his tech. look for any issues and he was able to find some cracks had formed inside of the skimmer throat. Luckily this was a relatively simple fix. The owner had to drain the pool below the skimmer, reset tile inside the skimmer and seal the skimmer throat. After this was done and set, there were no further water loss issues.
Irina W.
3015 Leesa Dr., TX
January 12, 2018
Irina called because her pool is draining down below the tile and she saw water on the equipment pad but didn't know where it came from. The owner went to her house to diagnose the issue(s). Upon inspecting her equipment, he found a bad O-ring in the backwash valve. He replaced the bad O-ring in the backwash valve and had to lube the stem O-ring. No more water showed on the equipment pad after this and the water loss had halted.
Louanne G.
2502 Vista Creek Ct., TX
January 11, 2018
Our pool is losing water. We thought it was the warm winter at first with evaporation being the culprit then it turned cold and still losing water. Do you perform leak detections? Yes, we do perform leak detections. Told her I will get this setup and let her know when. The leak detection appointment was made and performed. We found the culprit(s) to be the angled shear decents that are on the pool walls. The owner was able to cosmetically repair all three dents with rapid setting mortar and the leaks have reportedly stopped.
Yovita S.
December 18, 2017
As a monthly service customer of ours, we perform repairs as needed to pool equipment with approval. Her filter had been leaking sporadically over the past few months and we had replaced the tank O-ring and internal components but it hadn't fully stopped. After the cold weather set it, she called us to come out again to troubleshoot and the owner found the top half of the filter had cracked. We gave her two options: 1. Replace the top filter half or 2. Replace the filter entirely. She chose option 2, to replace the entire filter. Since doing so there have been zero leaks reported.
Kathy D.
1721 Vicksburg, TX
November 29, 2017
A long time weekly service customer, she called us to say her Polaris is not working. The owner went to check it out and found her pool sweep pump had stopped working. The only solution for this problem was to replace the pump. He did this and her Polaris started working great again.
Carle H.
November 17, 2017
Carle had called asking to sit down with the owner to discuss plaster and tile options for a pool renovation. After they meet and discussed all of the options, Carle decided to focus on replacing the deteriorating equipment pad and busted heater. The owner Kevin presented him with several options for getting this done and he decided on a new equipment pad and used 400,000 BTU Pentair master temp heater.
Philip J.
15814 Golden Creek Rd., TX
October 31, 2017
He called us because he fired his pool company recently, 3-4 weeks ago, because they did so much wrong. They flooded my back yard, didn't adjust and keep the chemicals, and claimed I need 2 x week service and more. The pool is currently green and I think there is a leak in one of the skimmer throats as the water loss stops when it gets below the skimmers. The owner went to look at his problems and did find many. We got approval for turning his pool around and had to clean the filter and replace eight filter grids, balanced chemicals, shocked pool, brushed algae, vacuumed one time, epoxy skimmer throat, and re-evaluated for any additional pool cleanup and leak repairs. This turned his pool blue and he was able to use it with his pool heater.
Steve O.
4100 Hampshire St., TX
October 27, 2017
Gentleman called because his pool started losing water. I had an old oak tree removed from by the pool. It seems to have created crack in the plaster. Could you come see if this is why I started losing water? The owner went to investigate and advised a leak detection be done. The results of this showed the deep end skimmer needed replaced.
Jeff E
September 18, 2017
Mr called us because he believes his pool motor needs to be replaced because it isn't pushing any water. Sterling's owner went to evaluate this issue. The motor did not need to be replaced but he did replace the seal and gasket then evaluated the performance. It all checked out after he was finished.

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