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Job completed for Debbie R.

Completion date: October 2, 2018

Location: Plano, TX

Solutions provided:

A former pool cleaning tech. of ours referred Debbie to us. I talked with her and her pump is not catching prime. She emptied the skimmer and pump baskets, cleaned her pool, emptied the Polaris pool cleaner bag, cleared the wall connector screen, backwashed the filter and still the pool pump did not catch prime.
We made an appointment to go out there and check this out. The owner pretty much did everything she did but also lubed the pump lid O-ring and tightened a few nuts on the pump and motor. This did not fix the problem. He then checked the plumbing going into the pool pump and found a slight leak. He repaired the suction leak on the pool pump and the system began to run very well.