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Using Cyanuric Acid: How to Lower the Stabilizer in Your Pool

Using Cyanuric Acid: How to Lower the Stabilizer in Your Pool

Having a pool at your home can be a lot of work, but if you know how to maintain it, you will have a clean and swimmable pool ready for use at any time. To keep the water in your pool safe for people to swim in, you need to do a few things. First, you need to keep the water sanitized, keep algae from growing, and help control metal content.

Cyanuric acid is one chemical that is used in pools everywhere, and its function is to help keep chlorine from losing its sanitizing properties too quickly. Called a pool stabilizer, cyanuric acid or CYA is used to protect chlorine from getting wiped out by UV rays. This substance extends the life of chlorine, so to speak, removing the need to constantly chlorinate the water in outdoor swimming pools.

Proper Balance of CYA and Chlorine is the Key

There are times, however, when a miscalculation of the amount of cyanuric acid added to the water leads to an imbalance. When too much of this chemical is added to chlorinated pool water, it negates the power of chlorine to sanitize the water in your pool. When this happens, algae will begin to grow and the blue water of your pool will start to turn green.

To restore the proper balance of CYA with chlorine in your pool, you first need to check the stabilizer levels in it. If it is above normal levels, which is between 30ppm and 50ppm, then you need to do something to get things back to normal. The most effective way to do this is to drain your pool and to start over again, but this will cost you money, and it may also damage the interior of your pool.

The right way to restore the balance between chlorine and cyanuric acid in your pool is to simply add more water. Diluting the cyanuric acid in the pool with more water is ideal only if the CYA levels are not too high. If the levels are extremely high, then draining and refilling is your option.

Hire Sterling Pool Service to Deal With High CYA Levels

To ensure that you don’t make the mistake of putting too much cyanuric acid in your pool, you should let Sterling Pool Service do this for you. Taking care of pools is our business and we have been doing this for more than three decades. Aside from pool cleaning, pool repairs, and pool renovations, we can also help with your pool stabilizer needs.

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